About Us

When Alhain was 12 years old received a car calendar showing a different car every day of the year. That was an amazing gift that inspired him to observe and study car design. With the illusion one day he would design cars and car accessories.

By the end of the year, He had decided his dream car was an Audi TT. On his 16th birthday, he was re-inspired by the Audi RSQ. Some years later he finally got his Audi TT and after a while, he decided to modify it.

His creativity and enthusiasm for car design were finally being expressed and that's when he decided he would start Utopicar.

then he started inventing new accessories and better designing existing products. And he even designed a car model that would represent Utopicar, this car then later would become our company logo.

Then in 2018, Utopicar was created as a company that designs and sells blind spot mirrors.  With a clear vision to inspire by their accessories design and a commitment to customer satisfaction, the company quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative products that enhance driving safety.

Utopicar's sales continue to grow and be praised by its customers. Now we are ready for the next big step in expanding the business with our patented stainless steel Blind Spot Mirrors and you can be part of it.

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