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Model: WBSM060 Long Sporty Blind Spot Mirrors

Model: WBSM060 Long Sporty Blind Spot Mirrors

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Blind Spot Mirrors by UTOPICAR

Enhance Your Driving Experience Now!

Engineered for length and curvature for the best ratio of largest image while covering the least area on your door mirrors.

  •  Designed to be more efficient and stylish with a design that fits seamlessly and can be adjusted.
  •  Unique Adjustable angle swivel to see a higher or lower image
  • Best quality 3M adhesive so mirror won't fall.
  • Unique aesthetics in a longer shape for a better look.
  • Special back coating so mirror won't fade with time.
  • Easily change lanes and merge highways = traffic safety.



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An adjustable rearview blind-spot mirror. With a less convex design, this mirror offers a larger image of what’s on the side and rear of a car.

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    “LOOK Twice for Motorcycles” is a Texas Department of Transportation safety campaign. We promote it and we believe in supporting such campaigns.

  • We are Experts on Blind Spot Mirrors

    Our car door mirrors have a unique engineered design to solve your blind spot problem and show a bigger image of what is really needed by drivers. We know you don't need to see the sun in your mirrors like other mirrors will show.

  • Aesthetics

    All of our mirrors and accessories were carefully designed to look and feel like a car original part / OEM part.

  • Our UTOPICAR Promise to you

    We believe we have the Best Customer Service and we have video  instructions for all of our products

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No more panels that look awful on your door frames or fall off your window!

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