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UTOPICAR Tesla Keychain

UTOPICAR Tesla Keychain

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- Must have Tesla Model S Accessories
- Would you like to make your Tesla key to look great, secured and easy to hold?

Introducing the new UTOPICAR Tesla Keychain !!

- DURABLE AND CAN SUPPORT HEAVY WEIGHT- The nylon keychain string is 5 TIMES STRONGER and a little thicker than Tesla's original lanyard string. This can be used with the silicone or leather key fob holder or any other Tesla key fob cover
- UTOPICAR UNIQUE AND EXCLUSIVE DESIGN - With the hot red string and a black key tesla ring and a smooth hypalon keychain body, with out tesla emblem. This keychain is noted for its resistance to chemicals, extreme temperature, and ultraviolet light.
- DEFINITELY IT WILL NOT BREAK! - Each Tesla S ring keychain has been tested to hold more than 33 lbs / 15 kg weight. (please see images). No other keychain can offer this kind of durability and strength!
- EASY TO INSTALL! - Simply put the string in the hole, pull the string all the way in, and then pass the metal ring in between the string. Now you have a peace of mind that your Tesla key is now secured!
- PERFECT GIFT: The great appearance and quality craftmanship makes this as an ideal Tesla car accessories gift for Father's Day or a Business Gift. Besides it is also an ideal as a Tesla gifts for men, women, husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend

Amazon Buyers Trust Our Utopicar Brand to be Quality Premium Products.

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An adjustable rearview blind-spot mirror. With a less convex design, this mirror offers a larger image of what’s on the side and rear of a car.

- The Drive -


    “LOOK Twice for Motorcycles” is a Texas Department of Transportation safety campaign. We promote it and we believe in supporting such campaigns.

  • We are Experts on Blind Spot Mirrors

    Our car door mirrors have a unique engineered design to solve your blind spot problem and show a bigger image of what is really needed by drivers. We know you don't need to see the sun in your mirrors like other mirrors will show.

  • Aesthetics

    All of our mirrors and accessories were carefully designed to look and feel like a car original part / OEM part.

  • Our UTOPICAR Promise to you

    We believe we have the Best Customer Service and we have video  instructions for all of our products

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